Website Malware Scanner

Let us run our WordPress Malware Scanner for free, and provide you with a detailed analysis of your website. If you’ve been hacked, or malware is detected, we can help you clean up your site and improve your security immediately.

What We Do For Your Hacked WordPress Website

Infections We Remove

  • Malware Injections
  • Google Blacklist
  • Google SERP Warnings
  • Defacements
  • Backdoors
  • Pharma Hacks
  • SEO Spam Injections
  • Phishing Files
  • Malicious Redirects

Our Services

  • Malware & Infection Removal
  • Website Hack Repairs
  • Google Blacklist Removal
  • Google Warning Removal
  • Malware Analysis & Research
  • Prevent Future Website Hacks
  • Website Protection Included
  • Customer Support
  • Daily Automatic Backup
We specialize in analyzing and securing WordPress websites that are hacked or infected with malware. We will start immediately after a request is submitted. Our security experts can get a Blacklist resolved within 36 hours. We ensure that the Blacklist is fully cleared and that no further issues remain.

Why Inspry?

Did you know?

There are 90,000 attacks on WordPress sites
every minute?

Don’t let your site get further infected,
let Inspry help today.

Inspry has over 15 years of WordPress experience in website security and malware cleanup techniques. Our goal is to be the best in WordPress cleanups. Hackers often leave back doors which most website malware removal services do not clean up. We take advantage of our experience and Remove malware or infected files on a hacked website to carefully analyze all of the files to make sure we catch every issue on your WordPress website.

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