WordPress Maintenance: The Essentials

You’ve invested in your online presence. Give your WordPress site the TLC it deserves to protect your investment with our Totally WordPress maintenance program. Unlike WordPress maintenance-only agencies, we can handle your new features and website redesigns too.


WordPress Maintenance: The Essentials

You’ve invested in your online presence. Give your WordPress site the TLC it deserves to protect your investment with our Totally WordPress maintenance program. Unlike WordPress maintenance-only agencies, we can handle your new features and website redesigns too.

Your website is valuable, but your time is just as precious.

Ready to give up the tedious maintenance tasks? Let us take the WordPress maintenance off your plate.

If maintaining your website is one of your (too) many responsibilities, you know how much work it is. Websites need to be constantly updated, and the day-to-day tasks of managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and safeguarding a website can be incredibly time-consuming.

Your technical solution should be protected by someone with deep technical knowledge.
Some agencies cobble websites together, which leads to slow performance and loose security. At Inspry, we build and secure your online presence from the ground up, so you can have peace of mind.

Our team has spent a decade building and maintaining WordPress websites. Inspry is trusted by businesses every month to help manage their WordPress websites.
We know how to properly support and grow your site so you get the best return on your investment.

Totally WordPress
is built for:

  • Enterprise and small business
  • Creative and Digital Marketing Agencies
  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • Companies with Multi-Site Ecosystems
  • Membership and Subscription Sites
  • Learning Management Systems

“It’s like an insurance policy. If something goes wrong, I’m not waiting to contact somebody. I always feel I’m their most important client.” 

Was your site built by someone else?

We’re still happy to provide a maintenance program for WordPress websites that were built by a different agency.

61% of WordPress Sites Infected with Malware are Out of Date.

Don’t take risks with your brand’s reputation.

Inspry’s support team provides proactive care and WordPress maintenance services for your website or application. When you know your digital investment is protected, you have one less thing to worry about.


Services provided as part of our web maintenance and support plans

Software Updates

Pushing new features, enhancements, and updates live onto your site.

Your website security and features need to continuously evolve over time. We update your WordPress code, plugins, and other features on a monthly basis, and for larger updates, our team follows established testing practices for a smooth rollout.

Monthly Report

Sending you a monthly audit.

We proactively communicate with you to lay out updates, cleanups, and other maintenance work. Our developers take care of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s for your digital security. Spend less time worrying about your WordPress website, and more time running your business.

Your Web Expert

Supporting your technical strategy with big-picture guidance.

We speak both the language of business and the language of tech. Retain access to a dedicated, senior technical team (without splitting equity). If you’ve got a new idea, we bring holistic recommendations for developing new web solutions. 

Security Monitoring,

Protecting your websites and applications.

Digital attacks continue to grow more common, increasing the need to proactively monitor your websites. When we find any intrusions or security attacks with your WordPress website, our team immediately provides effective fixes and develops long-term remediation strategies.

Need WordPress hosting too?

Your business depends on maximum availability of your website and the smallest possibility for downtime. Hosting upkeep, updates, and upgrades shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Totally WordPress Essentials Plan

Totally WordPress Essentials Plan

Monthly Fee

$65 USD

Spend more time running your business and less time worrying about your website.

Inspry Is a Certified Partner for:

  • WordPress core, plugin and theme managed updates process
  • Daily deep malware and vulnerable plugin security scans with complete malware removal at no cost
  • Daily uptime monitoring and monthly email reports
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Spam comment filtering
  • Over $1,200 of free access to premium theme and plugins
  • JPG, WebP and PNG Image optimization to speed up your site
  • CloudFlare CDN and Security Firewall configuration
  • SLA Response time within 24 hours from an insanely dedicated team with priority emergency response

Need WordPress development hours?

Retaining an in-house development team is costly, from hiring and training to administrative costs. Inspry functions as the development extension of your in-house team so that you can outsource your WordPress needs to development-first shop.

If you need a flexible arrangement, our $199 plan give you two hours each month to a dedicated development team for your evolving maintenance and improvement needs.

How does Inspry support work?

We don’t strong-arm clients into long-term contracts. We want you to work with our team because you choose to, not because you have to. You can cancel your service at any time.

Think of your maintenance plan like an insurance policy. Unless you’re proactive, by the time you realize you need a website maintenance plan, it may be too late. Could your team handle a crash? Are you regularly updating plugins, patches, and other security elements? Are you prepared to rapidly respond to malware or ransomware?

The Essentials Plan is meant to provide a solid foundation for your team to grow your website, but does not include task hours to keep it as affordable as possible. Non-technical support such as training, general web questions, content updates or new site features are not included in the Essentials plan. We do include up to three hours each month if any technical troubleshooting is required due to an issues with the WordPress software or updates. If you are interested in having dedicated hours each month, our $199 plan includes two hours each month.

We tailor each maintenance plan for a specific website, so each website needs a separate plan.

Due to the complex nature of these websites, the Essentials plan does not support these types of websites at this time. We recommend checking out our our $199 plan.

All support requests can be sent to [email protected]. When we onboard you and go over our Service Level Agreement, we go over just how easy the process is in greater detail.

If an issue is detected, we will attempt to resolve the issue and restore the website with our best effort using three hours of our team’s time at no cost. If we are still unable to resolve the issue, we will communicate that restoring a website backup to the last working version may be the best option. If this is not possible or desired, we will provide a separate quote covering the best approach to permanently resolve the issue such as incompatibility and / or abandoned plugins or themes conflicting with WordPress updates. 

If malware is detected, our team will run a deep malware scan and clean up any infected files or database entries. If malware re-appears, our team will restore the site back to the last working backup free of charge and provide you a separate quote to resolve any remaining security vulnerabilities through alternative plugins or additional security software.  

No, the plan does not support the use of custom plugins or themes not publicly available to keep the plan affordable. We recommend checking out our our $199 plan.

Have multiple websites or questions?

Contact us to discuss your
Totally WordPress plan.