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Why Optimize Your Site Speed?

For every extra second, lose 7% of your customers

Site speed can’t be ignored when your conversion rate can fall by 7% for each extra second needed to load your page.   A falling conversion rate means less customers and less money towards your bottom line.


Since 2011, Google has considered page load times to rank your website.  Looking to rank higher? Optimizing speed is great way to increase your site ranking on Google!


Despite mobile visitors accounting for a majority of users, 73% of such users note that they have encountered a website to slow to load and left the site entirely.  Don’t lose potential clients by loading a desktop-heavy website for mobile devices.

What we look at

Image Optimization

Your images could be up to 40% smaller, saving you space and speeding up your site!

Average Site Speed

We can help you get under the recommended 3 second loading time

Page Load Score

We check your pingdom page load score, and help you make a full later grade improvement. Ex. from 84 (B) to 90 (A)

Page Load Size

We can help you get your page load size under the recommended 2MB

Caching and Code Minification
  • Enable caching
  • Enable browser caching
  • Configure code minification
  • Enable Gzip
  • Optimize Database
Database Optimization

We remove an unnecessary database date that may be dragging your site speed down.

If  your site doesn’t load in under 3s, you are bound to lose
up to 40% of your visitors.

With Inspry, feel confident that your site is the fastest it can be!

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