Our Process & Discovery

We work a little differently than other WordPress and web development agencies.

We believe in being a “no surprises” partner for our clients. You know where the project stands with updates and up-front billing communication.

Our discovery process lays the foundation for every project’s success.

Discovery is a chance to make sure we build with a full understanding of your business requirements.

Our web developers use this opportunity to understand your objectives and examine exactly how this project fits into your general tech stack and long-term business strategy.

For small projects, discovery may be included in a free consultation.

For larger projects that are more complex or have more stakeholders, additional paid time for discovery and solution architecture may be required.

Why pay for a dedicated discovery process?

In our web development approach, the discovery phase reduces your risk (in terms of time and resources) and ensures our solution meets your goals.

When upfront discovery is required, we whole-heartedly believe that it ends up saving clients significant resources, every single time.

Many digital agencies will be quick to slap together a proposal because they are eager to win a contract or in a rush to get started. However, a hurried quote is a recipe for ending up with website solution that doesn’t actually do what you need.

Without a dedicated discovery process, projects can go over budget, ignore timelines, or even fail to meet the fundamental goal of the project.

Discovery sets you up for success, serving as an action plan and reducing risk around unknowns.

Our Process

Here’s how we organize our workflow
to ensure your project is a success.

Free Consultation & Ideation

We meet with you to discuss your requirements and ask insightful questions about your business and objectives. This is an opportunity to determine what web solution we’ll need to build, as well as make sure that we are the right agency for the job.

For less complex projects, we can often formulate project requirements during the free, no-obligation consulting. If your project is larger and more complex, we will communicate up front if we require additional paid discovery.

Solution Architecting (if required)

If necessary, we will complete additional paid discovery sessions to do a deep dive into stakeholders, information architecture and existing technologies to build a comprehensive scope requirements document. Discovery is estimated out in 10 hour blocks and our team will do our best to estimate the required blocks ahead of time.

The end result is a full road map of the project. At this point, we ensure that you have everything you need to go elsewhere for your build, but we would also be honored if you work with us.

Requirements Doc
and Formal Proposal

The requirements doc outlines the project scope and how we are translating your ideas into technical features. We deliver the project sitemap, functional and design requirements, along with any necessary wireframes or user flows. All proposals include a detailed breakdown of hours for design, dev, deployment, support and licenses.

Deposit Payment and Project Kickoff

Once we have received your initial deposit, we begin the project kickoff. We ensure both our team and your team are on the same page regarding requirements and responsibilities. We go over the project timetable and set the foundation for a successful project.

Research and Design Mockups

Using your team’s feedback during the requirements gathering and kickoff, our team creates all necessary mood boards and mockups to give you a clear picture of how the website will look in its final coded iteration.

Revision rounds allow your team to easily make changes to the design using online collaboration software. This ensures that precious development time and budget is saved for actual development, not design revisions.

Web Development and Testing

Our team focuses on the core functionality of the website first during the initial phase. Next, we do testing and bug fixing to finish the next phase. We address issues and complete development within our team before sending for your review.

After all bugs are addressed, your website is ready for launch in the release phase.

Launch and post-launch testing

As we are ready to deploy, we confirm the production server configuration and hosting responsibilities. Performance, security, operational, and usability testing is performed using a mix of launch checklists and automated testing, ensuring your end user’s first impressions are a delight.

Maintenance and Iterations

During the 30-day period after launch, our team monitors your project and patches any known issues at no additional cost.

Most clients then extend this protection by enrolling in our WordPress maintenance program, providing crucial updates, technical support, and flexible retainer hours for feature requests.

Future features discussed during the project requirements gathering phase are addressed, estimated out, and implemented in an iterative, ever-improving fashion.

Our web developers follow best practices, never shortcuts.

We run functional and design testing throughout the web development and launch process.


Our pricing strategy is influenced by various factors, including the complexity and scale of the project, deadlines, and specific outcomes required. We tailor quotes for each project to meet its unique demands.

An initial estimate or “ballpark” figure can be provided following our first consultation. For a more precise quote, a detailed discussion during a project discovery call is necessary. We aim to offer an accurate estimate that encompasses all essential components for the project’s success.

Understanding that project specifications or desired outcomes may evolve, we have prepared a procedure for change requests. This ensures any adjustments in project scope or deliverables are formally acknowledged and any changes to the original quote are mutually agreed upon before implementation. This approach guarantees there are no surprises or unforeseen fees.