Guide to Using WordPress as a SaaS Platform

Saas and wordpress

When was the last time you downloaded software onto your computer? It’s not likely your answer would be “recently.” That’s because internet users today want easy access to services from their device without having to install any additional software, and companies have sprung into action to provide those services. SaaS, or Software as a Service, … Read more

Staying Ahead of the Competition During (and After) COVID-19

For some businesses, COVID-19 has completely changed day-to-day operations. However, for many other businesses, customers and clients are holding steady. If your business isn’t in crisis-mode, and you are able to continue without major interruptions, you are in a great position to use this time to strengthen your operations and stay ahead of your competition. … Read more

Weathering the Storm: Pivoting Your Business During COVID-19 Disruptions

Running a business is challenging in the best of times. During these extraordinary COVID-19 circumstances, your role as a business leader is even more critical. If your business has been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, you may already be considering adjusting your business model and finding alternative streams of income. Some changes may be more viable … Read more

Choose a WordPress Theme on ThemeForest that Works

So you are ready to build your website (or a client’s) and you decide to checkout ThemeForest – the largest marketplace of WordPress themes.  ThemeForest can be a great place to find a theme because has an enormous variety of themes, it’s relatively cheap, and each theme can be bought individually without a subscription.  These advantages do … Read more