WordPress DESIGN & Development

Build custom WordPress websites that do more.  

Off-the-shelf themes sometimes work, but these cookie cutter websites always end up costing more in the long run.  Our developers go above and beyond to tailor a WordPress website that matches your specific needs. 

WordPress DESIGN & Development

Build custom WordPress websites that do more.  

Off-the-shelf themes sometimes work, but these cookie cutter websites always end up costing more in the long run.  Our developers go above and beyond to tailor a WordPress website that matches your specific needs. 

Optimized for today & tomorrow

We don’t build a website that just looks good. Our developers adhere to the best coding standards to lay the foundation for your website’s growth.

We build everything with extensibility in mind, creating a solid foundation for whatever direction your site grows. If you’re using WordPress for your business, your website needs to be scalable, secure, and reliable every step of the way.

WordPress Web Development

Developing bespoke WordPress plugins built to your specifications

Your data is an extremely valuable asset, from your content to your inventory and customer contacts. Whether you are moving your content from a database (like MySQL or SQLServer), a web-based system (via an API), another CMS like Joomla or Drupal or an exported file (such as CSV / XML), we can ensure a smooth migration with minimal site downtime or data loss

Migrating from your old site into WordPress, securely & timely

The flexibility of WordPress allows our developers to create custom API integrations that fit your business requirements. When there isn’t an off-the-shelf plugin or integration for key functionality, we are your technical partner to build the solution you need.

Optimizing mission-critical and third party API integrations

Our team members are experts in translating your business needs to create a personal and optimized WordPress experience. In the right hands, WordPress is a powerful tool that can scale with your business and power a rich user experience.

Creating highly bespoke and optimized WordPress experiences
Scalable and secure e-commerce to successfully drive sales online
Manually reviewing your site optimization and security
Quickly build out your first product iteration with WordPress CMS

LearnDash default functionality and features don’t always fulfill what you need to foster learner engagement. Your LMS needs maximum functionality, with a great user experience for both your users and also you as an admin. Our team is experienced building custom extension development, tailored functionality, integration with third-party software such as MemberPress and WooCommerce Subscriptions, and support and maintenance for LearnDash.

Developing custom solutions for quality learning and training environments

Removing bloated page builders can speed up your site on both the frontend and backend. Our developers are able to strategically remove builders from your homepage, or even your entire site, duplicating your existing design and function with custom replacement HTML/CSS or Gutenberg blocks.

Improving site optimization through page builder changes

Kadence WordPress Development

Transform your online presence with Kadence block-based page building for WordPress, offering unparalleled flexibility, speed, and ease of use to craft stunning, high-performance websites tailored to your unique brand identity.

WordPress Maintenance & Support

You invested a ton in creating a fantastic website. Your investment needs more than a bare-minimum support plan.

Because we leverage our deep knowledge of WordPress to support your website, we’re never learning at your expense. No matter what your unique business needs, our team has done it before, over and over. We use our experience to deliver value quickly and reliably.

Our support services help you maintain your website, keeping it up-to-date with bug and security fixes in a safe manner on even the most complex websites. We also proactively optimize your site, staying ahead of needed enhancements and new functionality.

You focus on what you do best—running your business. 

WordPress Services

Custom Theme Development
CMS Data
Multilingual and Localization
Advanced Search
Accessibility Compliance
CRM integrations
GDPR / CCPA Compliance
Community and Social Portals
Secure Membership Areas
SaaS Subscription Platforms
Metered Content
and Paywalls
Payment Gateway Integrations
Custom Beaver Builder and Elementor
and Training
Custom Gutenberg Blocks

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a flexible and extensible web development platform that powers 40% of the Internet.

  • WordPress is one platform with global CMS power, which helps allow your content to be accessible for everyone, on any device.
  • WordPress brings the best of both worlds: It has been designed to be extremely user-friendly for non-IT backend users, which means that you can maintain your website content, but with its flexible plugin integrations and extensions, professional WordPress developers can customize your website for almost endless content management possibilities. 
  • The WordPress security team is composed of 50 experts, lead developers, and security researchers from across the tech industry. The team facilitates ongoing platform security through consultations with renowned security researchers and hosting companies. 
  • WordPress has an extremely active development community, with well-established protocols and constant updates. It is open source, so enterprises that choose to build web solutions on WordPress are not chained to a proprietary, antiquated platform.
  • WordPress powers the third largest e-commerce platform, WooCommerce. With this built-in integration, it is easy to add e-commerce to your website anytime in the future without bringing in a new web software system.

What do you need out of WordPress?

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