WooCommerce Site Health Audit

Goals and Objectives

  • Perform comprehensive website audits on the following production website: [website]
    • Ensure a solid website foundation for future projects and onboarding.


Custom Website Technical Audit
  • Perform a custom, in-depth 52 point website audit to check each website integrity in terms of site organization, security, speed optimization, basic search engine optimization, code quality, and server technology based on the audit points and report structure of https://www.inspry.com/wp-content/uploads/Site_Audit_Proposal_Example.pdf.
  • Provide as an online digital link to access each report along with a downloadable PDF file for the website.
  • Includes up to a one-hour screen-share with the Inspry team to discuss the report finding, as well required and recommended next steps including any available pricing and timelines.​


  • Inspry will not modify any code or database values on the website during the audit process.
  • Client agrees to provide Inspry with required server access and CMS full access to perform the audit.
  • Excludes any development or design implementation or changes.
  • Excludes any software licenses required or recommended in the audit.
  • This audit will be conducted partly with readily available security, performance and
    SEO tools and may produce false positives in some cases. It is recommended to
    review each finding and investigate further prior to implementing such
  • Specific issues found may require additional time to troubleshoot and estimate out. Client will be informed if any findings require additional time that are not able to be accommodated during the initial audit efforts.


  • Digital audit report PDF link
  • MP4 of Recorded After Audit Screen-share Reporting


  • 5-10 Business Days


By completing this order, you have read and agree to all terms, conditions, estimates, and deliverables stated in this agreement.  You are authorizing Inspry to initiate the project and begin work.  You also agree to all terms and conditions set in the Master Services Agreement outlined here.