UX Audit & Site Map Flow

Designed for Humans to Actually Use

Creating the best user experience provides the best return for your business.

Design isn’t just about making beautiful websites—it can be used to make your user’s life easier and prevent user drop offs, customer complaints, and lost revenue.

UX Audit & Site Map Flow

Designing Digital Things for Humans to Actually Use

Creating the best experience for your users provides a return for your business.

The design of your User Experience (UX) affects your business success. Design isn’t just about making beautiful websites—it can be used to make your user’s life easier. And if design doesn’t functionally work for your users, you will see user drop offs, customer complaints, and lost revenue.

Investing in UX just makes business sense.

UX lies at the intersection of what your users need and your business goals. An exceptional user experience, built right, can improve everything from customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction to your support cost and employee productivity.

UX Site Audit

You have the opportunity to share your biggest pain points with your site through our discovery interview process, and we’ll complete our own evaluation. Our team will then create a UX Audit document with feedback on best practices, areas for improvement, and where you should start first to get the most ROI for your user experience.

  • PDF Report and Live Recorded Screenshare Report
  • Cost Estimate for Implementing Recommendations

One-Time $2000 Fee

Our UX audit dives into the nitty-gritty details.

(Realistic) Takeaway Action Items

We don’t just deal in abstract UX theory, because your website is interacting with real users. When we complete our audits, we provide a clear, specific list of things that can be implemented on your WordPress or WooCommerce website to move the needle on your user experience.

Site Architecture (Site Map)

For a website to be intuitive to users, the architecture of the site needs to be simple and clear. A site map details the sections, content, and pages on your website. Laying out your content with a tool like a site map or information architecture is the first step for creating a plan (not just throwing spaghetti against a wall to see what sticks).

Call-to-Action (CTA) Strategy

Your CTA strategy drives conversions, engaging users and generating leads; you want your user to download, book a trial, or simply connect with your organization. When a user shares their contact information, you can start to move them down the sales funnel. Your CTA strategy can’t just be an afterthought button added to the bottom of a page. Our UX approach builds CTA strategy into the plan from the beginning.

Competitive Analysis

Your site needs to engage your audience, and it also needs to stand out from the crowd. We audit your competitor’s websites as well, analyzing your unique value proposition and where you can distinguish yourself with design.


Your page view analytics, click through rates, and other reports can tell us a lot about how users are interacting with your site. We leverage data analytics from tools such as Google Analytics and our own UX expertise to map how users are moving through your site and how we can nudge them where you want them to go.

Page Wireframes

Wireframes provide bare-bones sketches about page layout, content ordering, and space constraints. We provide partial wireframe mockups in our report as needed to explain strategy and recommend design or copy adjustments.

Did you know?

Only 1% of users click on carousel slider content?

If your site is using sliders, chances are you aren’t seeing the conversion rates you’d like. Let Inspry help by doing a UX audit and providing site improvements that will take your engagement from zero to hero, all for one flat fee.

Areas we look at

Value Proposition

What is the perceived benefit in the visitors’ minds and does it outweigh the cost of the action the website is asking them to take?


Does the content clearly match what visitors expected to see? A mismatch in content & expectation is the primary driver of abandonment after visiting just one page.


Is all of the content written so that the visitor can easily comprehend it? Do they intuitively understand the value proposition, the main message, and call to action?


What elements and information on your site may cause uncertainty? What elements and information is missing from your site that causes uncertainty?


Are elements and information on the website helping or distracting from your business objectives? Are they helping or distracting visitors from accomplishing their objectives?


Do you give visitors solid reasons – offers, incentives, language that points to scarcity – to take immediate action?

UX Audit Pricing

Get your UX Site Audit Today

One Flat Fee of

$2,000 USD

We use data tools such as Google Analytics to look at real user behavior and website performance.

Happy users help you meet business goals.

Let’s talk about how we can design your win-win.