Matt talks WordPress security and PWAs with Website Planet

Recently, Website Planet reached out to Matt for his take on how website owners can better protect their website against security vulnerabilities. This evolved into a fantastic discussion on some of the various free resources and tools available for WordPress website owners. The conversation wrapped up with what the future holds for website development and … Read more

Inspry Status Dashboard

With the start of a New Year, we have several enhancements for our TurboCharge WordPress Hosting and Totally WordPress website maintenance customers. After receiving customer feedback, our team is hard at work on creating a brand new status dashboard for our monthly services. This status dashboard will be a public link located at in … Read more

Dashboard Gets a Malware Scan Upgrade

Each year, more and more websites become vulnerable to malware, viruses and security hacks across the web. We always saw security as a core part of our responsibility to clients and have included malware scans in our website maintenance plans for day one. We realize though that we don’t give much visibility to that process … Read more

Mobile App: Does my business need one?

Time and time again, I have perspective clients push for a native mobile app on iOS or Android without stopping to think if a mobile app is the proper strategy for their industry and business objectives.   While native apps can have several key advantages over mobile-optimized websites, it is about using the right tool for the right project.

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