How Legacy Media boosts conversions with a powerful, custom Shopify app

Inspry custom developed a user-friendly Shopify app and upgraded Legacy Media’s site UX to improve conversion rates, elevate customers’ shopping experience, and strengthen Legacy Media’s marketability. 

Step One of the Custom Shopify App

Future-proofing a legacy

When nostalgia hits, some need to embark on a multistep process to revisit fond memories. This includes dragging out photo albums, sorting through disorganized boxes, or even pulling obsolete electronics out of storage—if they happen to have the equipment needed—to view analog media properly. 

McKay Murdock took notice; “I looked at peoples’ huge film and video collections and thought, ‘Wow! All that needs to get digitized!’” So, in 2009, the realtor, author, and serial entrepreneur founded Legacy Media to digitally preserve priceless memories, making them more easily accessible, shareable, protected from wear and tear, and less vulnerable to loss. 

While Legacy Media established a reputation for providing excellent service for digitizing analog media, they needed to streamline their digital user experience in preparation for scaling on a national level.

Audience-focused updates

Today, people are more likely to capture special moments on devices with internet connectivity, making it easier than ever to archive media on hard drives and cloud-based storage systems. However, Legacy Media typically caters to an older audience with less experience using trending technologies but has decades of memories buried in old videos, audio tapes, photographs, slides, and other media formats.

Legacy Media’s site’s existing multi step ordering process catered primarily to a more technologically savvy audience, which hurt Legacy Media’s older target demographic.

McKay knew the ordering process needed to change, but starting over was out of the question. He recalls,

“I needed somebody that could deal with my previous site built on Shopify and the related custom coding and theme. I didn’t want to lose that and start from scratch.” 

And, thanks to his partnership with Inspry, he didn’t have to. 

Streamlining processes through Shopify customization

Matt Schwartz, CEO of Inspry, and his team began their assessment of Legacy Media’s Shopify and site UX with an audit.  As Matt and McKay suspected, Legacy Media’s customers often struggled to navigate the various product pages and add all the necessary items to their shopping carts to cover all of their media conversion needs.. This sometimes led to abandoned sales. 

Manual checkout process prior to the app

Matt believes a more straightforward process is essential to improving conversion rates. He notes, “They’re trying to digitize everything in their lives, and most of these customers have multiple types of items, like audiotapes, VHS tapes, super 8 tapes, and other types of media to convert. But there were too many pages for them to click through. They had to go to each product page separately. If they needed five different digitizations, they had to go to 5 different product pages.” 

Inspry needed to walk customers through the process. From selecting the different media types that Legacy Media could convert to estimating the associated service costs—in the most streamlined way. 

A process dependent on trust

It’s important to note that while the ordering process doesn’t change how Legacy Media fulfills an order, it’s meaningful for McKay to reinforce and deepen his client’s trust that their belongings are in safe, professional hands. Because, for Legacy Media’s customers, confidence in the service is necessary for their customer journey. 

  1. McKay’s team ships a kit with barcode labels, prepaid shipping, a box, and instructions to the client. 
  2. The client follows the enclosed instructions and packs their photos, home movies, etc., into the provided box, shipping it back to Legacy Media using the prepaid shipping label. 
  3. Legacy Media processes and digitizes the client’s belongings and ships the originals and digital copies back to the client. 

Consistently customer-focused

Keeping Legacy Media’s target audience—and their technological experience—in mind, Inspry customized a Shopify app to guide customers through the entire ordering process. 

The app, which functions as Legacy Media’s online assistant and shopping cart estimator, pops up on the website’s home screen, ready to guide shoppers through the entire ordering process. 

Legacy Media Shopify Homepage + Custom App

Matt elaborates, “It’s more digestible for end-users. Essentially, it walks you through the steps. Then, it shares images and tips, and when you get to the end, it spits out the price. Afterward, it takes you straight to the Shopify cart, where you can pay for your order all at once.”

Applying wireframe updates to Shopify

McKay admitted that the process was initially intimidating for him. He shared, “I’ve wanted to do this for years, but it was daunting. Where do I even start?” 

Ultimately, McKay wanted to eliminate any obstacles that prevented customers from adding products to their cart and minimize the inputs needed to complete a sale. “I needed a really fool-proof way for them to get to my website and have it pop up as a header, so it’s the first thing they see, and it holds their hand through the estimating process.”

McKay’s original vision for Inspry’s online estimator app was exactly what Matt and the Inspry team delivered. McKay recounts,

“I literally had 15 pages on yellow note paper and sketched my vision for it. I snapped pictures, gave Matt the pictures, and they were able to build the whole online estimator from that. I didn’t know it was possible. It definitely wasn’t the kind of thing there was a custom template for, but they figured out how to custom-build all of that.”

Leveraging Shopify’s flexibility

Inspry enjoyed translating McKay’s hand-drawn wireframes to Shopify. Matt appreciates Shopify’s versatility, whether the Inspry team presents either straightforward or custom solutions. He further states, “Shopify is a wonderful platform. It’s robust, but it can’t do everything out of the box. So, to build certain requirements, we have to build a custom app to work with Shopify’s APIs.”  

Sample Wireframe for the Custom Shopify App

Inspry tailored McKay’s Shopify theme to work with the online assistant rather than using an off-the-shelf option and left Legacy Media with complete ownership of their very own custom designed and developed Shopify app. Matt then registered McKay’s original app through Inspry’s Shopify partner portal. Matt explains “We set it up in a way where the client owns the app in the long run, but essentially, we’re able to build them a custom app that works with Shopify’s APIs to build whatever they need.” 

The functionality of the app is incredibly intuitive, leading customers through an easy, step-by-step process as soon as they start shopping. Each action, from reviewing the product description to adding a selection to the shopping cart, communicates directly with Shopify’s backend. The app’s built-in calculator generates accurate pricing, based on the product type and pricing information, all on one simple page. 

Legacy Media Online Wizard Shopify App Summary

Developing a service-based UX design

Despite Legacy Media’s strong position in the digitization sector, McKay believes they have yet to penetrate the top six players. He adds, “A lot of big businesses are doing a lot of volume. But there’s no customer interaction and a major disconnect between the sale, the follow-through, and the service.”

The Inspry team shares McKay’s philosophy of improving customers’ experiences. With the UX update currently underway, Matt’s design team is applying a thoughtful approach to the website redesign and making suggestions to enhance readability for Legacy Media’s older customers, such as increasing the font size, considering color contrast and accessibility..

Continuing the Legacy Media + Inspry partnership

As Inspry works to complete the takeaways identified from their own UX site audit, McKay Murdock is already planning his next projects, including shipping upgrades and an AdWords marketing push. Until then, he anticipates a rise in conversions and looks forward to seeing how Inspry’s work will influence his processes, saying, “In the end, it’s going to be great because we’ll have less customer confusion, which will equal more conversions because the process will be more streamlined.” 

For businesses interested in working with Inspry, McKay recommends jumping in, explaining

“That’s something really important that I would like to relate to anybody else wanting to do something custom like this. How easy it was. Literally, napkin drawings and three zoom calls later, they have my exact idea working on my website.”