Inspry-led WordPress customization grows sales by 400%

By integrating WordPress, WooCommerce and automating processes, Inspry streamlines business processes for QuickBooks Made Easy, an online training platform.

New software & new opportunities

Many of CPA Gregg Bossen’s clients adopted QuickBooks to simplify their bookkeeping when the financial service software first hit the market. He soon realized his clients needed training on the software. But, for him to help, he would need to attend specialized training. 

A live seminar led by the owner of QuickBooks inspired Gregg to offer QuickBooks training to businesses and individuals all over the country. Aware that streaming his training seminars could reach more customers, Gregg founded QuickBooks Made Easy. His web-based educational platform sells training materials, tickets to training webinars, and subscription-based professional QuickBooks support. 

WordPress Functionality frustrations

When your business is entirely online, the customer experience begins and ends with the website. In Gregg’s case, his site didn’t deliver the user-friendly experience he had envisioned. 

Gregg describes his previous website, online training program, and support program as “sort of paperclipped together.” His WordPress website didn’t integrate support, service, and internal systems effectively. 

The manual tracking and processing of critical functions, like providing technical support for QuickBooks Made Easy subscribers, was an error-prone and confusing process.

A lack of communication between Gregg’s previous developers made requesting and implementing changes difficult, making Gregg feel like “nobody really looked after it.” 

Previous Website Iteration Before Inspry

Uniting processes: WP as a SaaS Platform

Gregg recognized that Inspry’s approach differentiated them from other developers after meeting with their founder, Matt Schwartz.

“Inspry is very different; Inspry says, ‘okay, let’s start with what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll build what we need to do it.’”

Matt recalls, “We needed to unify the different services. Architecting it in a way that made sense for their website.” The initial Inspry site audit made it clear that the WordPress-based website needed to support QuickBooks Made Easy’s business operations, unifying customer tech support, live and on-demand seminar ticketing, and subscription membership management.

An Inspry WordPress solution

Inspry turned its attention to optimization, automation, and maintenance. 

Quickbooks Made Easy Today

Optimization with WooCommerce and The Events Calendar

The Inspry team redesigned QuickBooks Made Easy’s user interface. With a mix of off-the-shelf WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, LearnDash and custom WordPress plugin development, Matt and his team simplified service and subscription purchasing and improved QuickBooks Made Easy’s educational content management for webinars, tutorials, seminars, and learning materials.

WordPress Automation with

Gregg’s biggest concern was his customer technical support process. Before Inspry, Gregg and his team had to track and coordinate multiple emails and confirmation numbers, coordinate with an external application, and renew or cancel support agreements individually. 

Inspry developed a custom API WordPress plugin integration with to automate the process, connect customer information to the outside app Gregg uses to fulfill all support requests, and fully manage the contract renewal and cancellation process. “I can’t believe Inspry was able to do that. It is amazing to me.” 

Gregg estimates that Inspry’s automation solution saves his team 5-10 hours per week. 

WordPress Site Maintenance

Understanding the value of support access, Gregg is happy to participate in Inspry’s Total Managed WordPress program.

“It’s like an insurance policy. If something goes wrong, I’m not waiting to contact somebody. I always feel I’m their most important client.” 

Support with WooCommerce and More

Support from Inspry goes beyond technical help. Gregg describes how the Inspry team feels like an extension of his own team and encourages him toward advancement. “Inspry is proactive about setting up a time to talk. Matt and his team don’t forget you. They push you forward when sometimes you don’t push yourself, and honestly, it’s just fun working with them.” 

Increasing engagement, productivity, and revenue with WordPress

Inspry’s automation and streamlining of QuickBooks Made Easy’s business operations resulted in a marked increase in webinar attendance, participation, subscriptions, and training product sales. Gregg believes his successful partnership with Inspry contributed to the business’s substantial growth.

“Our revenues quadrupled over the last four years.” 

Gregg’s long career in finance has led him to advocate for businesses wishing to grow their business to partner with an experienced, communicative, and solutions-oriented WordPress and WooCommerce web development firm. “It can be expensive to put money behind a website, but the rate of return is worth it.”

Gregg Bossen, Founder of Quickbooks Made Easy