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Your website is often the first interaction your customer has with your business, making it critical to earning your customer’s trust. You may be wondering if your website is dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. Online tools can provide some insight, but often miss critical issues underneath the surface. Our team takes a holistic approach to confirming your website is performing to its full potential.


Safeguard Your Website & Data

Many digital agencies offer various website audits that rely on off-the-shelf automated tools. These scanning tools will catch surface issues, but they won’t register deeper technical issues or enhancements. To truly audit your website, you need a human.

Your source of truth ensuring your website or online shop is safe and performant.

Our team is well-versed in how less than optimal configurations can affect your website’s reputation and overall bottom line. We have a proven track record of time-tested audit reporting that covers technical, security, UX and speed optimization issues.

WordPress Site Health Audit

We offer custom website health audits to help diagnose what’s keeping your site slow and inefficient. From site organization, to security, to speed optimization and more, we provide you a comprehensive overview of your WordPress website’s issues and areas for improvement.

WooCommerce Site Health Audit

Our customized audit of your online store not only covers the basics, but dives deep into the theme and apps installed that can affect performance and security. We take this a step further by reporting back on your online store’s operations and marketing configuration as well.

UX Site Audit

How your users interact with your website has real implications on your market share and business goals.  A comprehensive user experience (UX) audit by our lead UX designer provides actionable insights on how you can improve your UX to both make your users happy and grow your bottom line.

WordPress Security Audit

Protecting your site and your data should be more than an afterthought. WordPress is a robust and secure core platform, but third party and custom code can leave unintended open doors and security vulnerabilities. Our team’s security knowledge comes to the rescue with our in-depth audit, hardening and malware scanning.

WordPress Speed Site Audit

Your website’s page speed is critical to your website’s effectiveness, both in terms of engaging and converting users. Our page speed audit takes a comprehensive look at how your WordPress website is loading for both real users and Google along with what bottlenecks can be addressed practically to improve loading times.

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